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Chun Yin Wu

With a background in engineering, Chun brings a systematic approach to his work. He constantly strives to provide sustainable building solutions that not only meet, but go beyond compliance.

Hillary Wu

An outdoors enthusiast, Hillary is devoted to the creation of a sustainable future through the evolution of innovative Green technologies used to tackle environmental problems.

Jane Brammer

Jane believes that improving the energy efficiency of buildings is a crucial step toward creating better homes for the future, so this is her focus with every energy rating.

Sara Dettori

Sara is a creative and dedicated individual, invested in an ongoing and in-depth understanding of evolving environmentally sustainable design principles.

Peter Clementson

Peter is an all-rounder with a background in Environmental Science. He thrives on being challenged with alternate points of view and new methodologies in a quest for improved outcomes. Outside of work he enjoys cooking, bushwalking and travelling.

Lisa Duck

Lisa’s passion for her family and working with numbers enables her to be able to support the work that has a vision for a sustainable future.

Laura Schnerring

Laura is passionate about careful stewardship of the natural environment and loves spending time completing creative projects.

Zain Siddiqui

Zain’s background as an architect has seen him living in cities all around the world. His love of stories – especially science fiction – provides inspiration to envision a more collaborative and sustainable society for the future.

Tristan Szamosi

Tristan is driven by a desire to do beneficial work that sees preservation of the natural world through a more considered approach to the built environment. He has a background in civil engineering and enjoys bushwalking and sport as well as music and film.

Freya Harris

Freya has a background in building energy efficiency policy. She is keenly committed to working alongside architects to create energy efficient, comfortable, healthy homes and buildings that reduce reliance on electricity. She enjoys adventuring with her family, crafting and spending time in the bush.

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