Town Planning Sustainable Design Assessments

Town Planning Sustainable Design Assessments

Our offering at a glance

  • BESS Assessments
  • Sustainable Design Scorecard Assessments
  • Green Star Benchmarking Assessments
  • Melbourne Water STORM Tool (stormwater treatment) Assessments
  • Sustainable Design Statements
  • Sustainability Management Plans

How can these services benefit
your build?

When it comes to ESD, local councils need to be sure that your development is going to meet town planning requirements before they grant any permits. In some cases, that can be a difficult process to navigate. But our team can make it simpler.

We can help you address any ESD-related issues – and make sure your plans are compliant. We’ll ensure all your sustainability initiatives are integrated properly in the early stages – to avoid re-designs later on. And we’ll point out any initiatives that could make your development more appealing when it goes to market.

A look at how we’ve worked in the past

Click through to see some of the projects that have called on SDC for our town planning sustainable design services:

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