Certifications – Buildings & Developments

Certifications – Buildings & Developments

Our offering at a glance

  • Green Star
  • NABERS (National Building Energy Rating Scheme)
  • BEECs (Building Energy Efficiency Certificates)
  • EnviroDevelopment

How can these services benefit
your build?

With a proven track record of helping clients achieve the certifications they’re after, our team of certification specialists will play an invaluable role in your application – whether you’re aiming for Green Star, NABERS, BEECs or EnviroDevelopment.

With SDC, you’ll have access to our range of proven procedures and checklists, which will cut out the guesswork and save you from having to create your own.

And because we’ve established relationships with people within the certification agencies, we can call on assistance when we need it – and ensure a much smoother approval process for you.

A look at how we’ve worked in the past

Click through to see some of the projects that have called on SDC to help them achieve their certifications:

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