• Hopkins Street Moonah


    Hopkins Street Moonah

    Social Housing Project

    2011 – 2013

    You might think that sustainable public housing is a stretch – given budget constraints and the need to keep the final product affordable.

    But Hopkins Street Moonah Social Housing Project is proof that, with some innovative thinking – and a strong business case to back you – even a public housing development can achieve a Green Star rating.

    Hopkins Street Moonah was a development of thirty units that was designed to house tenants from the public housing list.

    The project management team wanted to set a new benchmark in sustainable social housing. So they brought us in to advise on design, and to help build a case for funding.

    What we delivered was a range of cost-effective initiatives that could bring real benefits to tenants – like high levels of energy efficiency (a minimum 7.3 FirstRate energy rating across the board), comprehensive recycling facilities and a high quality living environment.

    The final build – now set to achieve a 5-star Green Star rating – is a symbol of the paradigm shift in thinking about what social housing should be.

    SDC services included:

    Building approval energy assessments
  • The Nicholson


    The Nicholson

    2009 – 2011

    Some clients bring us in intermittently throughout a project to consult on particular aspects. While others appoint SDC as a sustainability management team, and draw on our expertise throughout the entire process.

    The latter tends to be a more efficient way of working – especially for clients dealing with large-scale projects. And it was the way we worked on the development for The Nicholson.

    From start to finish, we were completely hands-on.

    In the early stages, we identified relevant ESD opportunities – like passive ventilation, grey water treatment and re-use, and solar hot water – and tested them for practicality, commercial feasibility and effectiveness.

    Later, we collaborated with their design team to coordinate and document initiatives in a management plan for council approval. And when it came to construction, we worked closely with the builder to ensure the ESD integrity of the project was retained.

    The Nicholson went on to receive a number of awards for sustainability – and has since become a signature project for the client. Which, in our eyes, is the ultimate achievement.

    SDC services included:

    ESD investigations
    ESD Implementation
    Management plans
    Town planning sustainable design assessments
  • Marriot Waters


    Marriot Waters


    Marriot Waters was a development that was set to comprise a 1,000 lot residential community, commercial centre, community centre, and various sporting and educational facilities.

    The project was well underway when they decided to seek certification as a pilot project for the EnviroDevelopment certification tool – which meant the process was going to be more complicated than usual.

    So they called on our expertise in the area to make it run more smoothly.

    Because the project has already kicked off, gathering the information for the application was problematic.

    But with some lateral thinking, we got what we needed – drawing from aerial photo surveys and resident questionnaires to build their case.

    The other issue we faced was in the EnviroDevelopment tool itself. Being in the pilot phase, it outlined a number of impractical requirements. But we were able to liaise with the Urban Development Institute of Australia and rectify them.

    It was an unusual project ­– one that really tested our problem-solving skills. But in the end, Marriot Waters earned its place in the pilot program, and was the first certified EnviroDevelopment project in Victoria.

    SDC services included:

    Certifications – Buildings & Developments
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