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  • Mullum Creek


    Mullum Creek

    2012 – Ongoing

    As a 56 lot residential subdivision, Mullum Creek was boutique in size. Which meant, when it came to sustainability initiatives, economy of scale wasn’t in their favour.

    Still, the team behind Mullum Creek had their eye on the EnviroDevelopment and Green Star certifications. And so they called on SDC to help them set up initiatives that would get them those ratings.

    When we joined the project, their team had already set up a number of ESD initiatives. But they were complex and disjointed. So we ran an ESD investigation and developed a set of clear principles to guide the developer – and to

    ensure their sustainability efforts were as lean, organised, and efficient as possible. To help bring costs down further, we negotiated with certifying bodies to find outcomes that were both economical for the size of the project, and compliant.

    This project stands as proof that ESD outcomes are financially achievable – no matter the scale of the development.

    SDC services included:

    ESD investigations
    ESD Implementation
    Management plans
    Certifications – Buildings & Developments
    Policies, strategies, guidelines & specifications
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