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  • Villawood Green Savings Calculator


    Villawood Green Savings Calculator

    March 2011

    With the cost of energy and water going up, Australians are becoming more aware of their usage – and looking for ways to save. And while they’re interested in the energy ratings of houses and appliances when it comes time to buy, most people find it difficult to understand what that means for their energy bill.

    So we worked with Villawood Communities to create the Green Savings Calculator – a simple online tool and app that calculates how much any product, fitting or service will save you.

    It was a chance for us to use our expertise for something outside of the construction industry. And it was a great success – with a strong uptake from people moving into Villawood Communities, and a very happy client.

    SDC services included:

    ESD investigations
  • ICD Modular Construction


    ICD Modular Construction

    October 2011 – December 2011

    The team behind ICD were interested in the benefits of ESD when it came to modular construction. So they called on our ESD specialists to run an investigation and point to any opportunities to improve the sustainability of their new construction concept.

    Our investigation uncovered a wide range of benefits – from energy efficiency and waste reduction, to the ability to re-use materials. And from there, we developed a report that detailed how to make the most of our findings.

    As part of that report, we included an assessment of potential materials and products for construction. This part proved the most challenging – because modules are constructed overseas, in countries that don’t necessarily share Australia’s eco-standards. So it meant we had to dig a little deeper into international suppliers and regulations – to ensure the modules would be compliant once they hit the site.

    SDC services included:

    ESD investigations
  • Villawood Properties


    Villawood Properties

    May 2011

    In the early stages of development, Villawood properties received a request from the local council they were working in – to use crumbed rubber in all the roads across the development. The problem was, crumbed rubber asphalt was a specialised product. One that wasn’t widely available, except at premium prices.

    So Villawood called on us to offer up some alternative products that would save on costs and deliver an ESD outcome that was equal to or better than crumbed rubber.

    Our investigation pointed to some interesting insights.

    As it turned out, using crumbed rubber in the asphalt was going to turn a product that is recyclable into one that goes into landfill. So we looked into more eco-friendly alternatives, and found that they were more cost-effective too.

    The client took our research and recommendation to the council, and they passed it as a viable alternative – which saved the client money, and delivered a better environmental outcome for the community.

    SDC services included:

    ESD investigations
  • Meridian Estate


    Meridian Estate

    Kirkham Road, Dandenong

    2008 – 2011

    The project management team at Meridian Estate brought us in for one specific reason – to figure out how the civil works component of their subdivision could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their development.

    So we suggested a range of sustainable solutions and materials that the contractor could use and install to do just that.

    All the materials and methods that we put

    forward were tried and tested for their practicality, durability and, of course, price. And through our ESD Investigation, we were able to quantify the potential greenhouse gas reductions – which helped the client justify the initiative to stakeholders and, ultimately, get everybody on board.

    It was an exercise in collaboration. One that showed that, by working together, we could create a leading example of sustainable housing.

    SDC services included:

    ESD investigations
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