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    Rinnai Offices

    The Key Industrial Park, Atlantic Drive, Keysborough


    The project team at Rinnai offices were looking at glazing to help boost the energy efficiency of their new office building – and to help them meet compliance. What they found, though, was that relying on glazing alone meant they’d need to invest in high-performance glazing, which came in at a very high price.

    So they called on SDC to look at the design holistically, and figure out if there were more cost-effective ways of achieving the efficiency standards they needed.

    We modelled the building’s energy performance as a whole – under JV3 – and provided the client with a range of glazing options that would result in a BCA Section J-compliant design.

    In the end, the client was able to use the glass they originally proposed for the building, avoid the high costs of glazing, meet compliance, and get their building permit approved.

    SDC services included:

    Building approval energy assessments
  • C100

    SDC CS C100.01


    100 Leicester Street, Carlton

    2008 – 2009

    Back in 2008, a number of the sustainability initiatives we now consider standard hadn’t been embraced by the building industry.

    Green Star was one of those initiatives.

    But the management team behind C100 saw the value in Green Star. So they called on SDC to help achieve the rating for their new office development – and to ensure it met energy efficiency requirements for building approval.

    Much of our time in the early stages was spent on investigation, and assessment of costs and benefits, which helped the stakeholders and other consultants feel comfortable with a more sustainable – and less familiar – approach.

    In the end, the 9-level building earned its 4-star rating and building approval. And years later, it was purchased by the University of Melbourne – a sale made easier by the Green Star rating.

    SDC services included:

    Building approval energy assessments
    Certifications – Buildings & Developments
    Development modelling
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