Aged Care

  • Chivers Road Aged Care Facility Extension


    Chivers Road Aged Care
    Facility Extension

    Chivers Road

    April 2012 – September 2012

    When it comes to local councils, ESD design and compliance is a mandatory on almost every commercial property. Which isn’t a problem on new builds. But can get complicated on older developments. 

    So when the team at Chivers Road Aged Care decided to go ahead with a facility extension, they called on us to develop a Sustainability Management Plan that would help them achieve compliance with Manningham City Council.

    Integrating best practice initiatives into the existing facility was a feat in itself – with a lot of time spent working alongside the design team to optimise the plans for compliance.

    When the application was submitted to the council, the design ticked compliance boxes across all categories of the SDS, and their Planning Permit was granted.

    SDC services included:

    Town planning sustainable design assessments
    Building approval energy assessments
  • CaSPA Aged Care


    CaSPA Aged Care

    Raglan Street, South Melbourne


    The team at Caspa Aged Care have made it their mission to provide patients with better quality of life. So when it came time to extend their network with a new complex in South Melbourne, they wanted to ensure that the building delivered on their promise.

    During the design phase, they called on our ESD specialists to look into sustainable initiatives that would make their new 4-storey facility both efficient and comfortable.

    Now under construction, the plans are showing great promise of achieving just that.

    Spacious staff areas – with lots of natural light – will help nurses relax and unwind during break time. Landscaped areas, which will be maintained with rainwater, will provide lush greenery. And low emission products inside will ensure a high quality indoor environment.

    SDC services included:

    Town planning sustainable design assessments
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