Congratulations Wolfdene - Brompton Achieves 6 Leaves!

Brompton, developed by Wolfdene, is Cranbourne South’s first environmentally inspired development to have received all six Envirodevelopment leaves. The community of approximately 1,500 households will be an urban extension to the Cranbourne West area. The 86 hectare site has been carefully masterplanned to integrate cohesively with the surrounding areas; 17 hectares of green open spaces and 11 hectares of wetlands and waterways are accessible through a permeable network of pedestrian and bike friendly streets.

Sustainable Development Consultants have been working with Wolfdene since the design phase of Brompton to address the six elements of EnviroDevelopment-Masterplanned Community (Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, and Community).

In order to ensure sustainable practices throughout the design and construction phases, SDC have provided input on the Design Handbook. Along with other initiatives encompassing efficient energy and water use, the Design Handbook mandates optimal site orientation to maximise daylight accessibility and natural ventilation, the use of efficient hot water and environmentally sustainable building materials.

A Brompton house built accordingly will result in over 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 20% reduction in mains water consumption compared to a base case house. Brompton will provide an urban form that will lay the foundation for a healthy and sustainable local community.

Steps Forward in Solar Storage

Australia is charging ahead in the new age of solar. The announcement of the Tesla Powerwall has been a catalyst in driving forward the solar storage battery industry. A once incredibly expensive technology is suddenly approaching economic feasibility.

Solar battery storage takes the excess solar power generated during the day and discharges it for use when solar energy is no longer being generated – maximising the use of self-generated solar consumption and minimising peak utility costs. The current expensive grid electricity and low feed-in tariffs make getting the most from your self-generated energy an increasingly attractive option.

The excellent solar conditions and extensive existing solar network means that Australia is the ideal location for trialling solar battery storage. As a result we now have access to an ever expanding variety of battery options for household, business and commercial needs.

This is an exciting time for renewable technologies and the solar industry with solar storage now a viable option for many projects. It will not be long before installing solar panels with a solar storage battery becomes the cheapest way for the average Australian to get electricity. In the mean time we can all make sure our arrays are battery ready and wait for the approaching solar revolution.

If you would like more information on the solar battery that would best suit your needs please contact SDC at any time.


Kathmandu National Distribution Centre - 5 Stars All the Way!

A couple of weeks ago we got the exciting news that the Kathmandu National Distribution Centre in Truganina was awarded the 5 Star Green Star Industrial As Built v1 Rating to go along with it's 5 Star Green Star Industrial Design v1 Rating.

This is an excellent outcome and proof that the construction team led by Qanstruct was able to deliver the project exactly as predicted in the design rating. What's even more impressive is that with the help of SDC, the team managed to be awarded enough points in the Round 1 Submission so we didn't even need to go in for a second round to get the certification.

If you would like any further details on this exciting project or would like to talk to SDC about how we can help you achieve a Green Star rating on your new development in the easiest and most economical way possible, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Lindsay Richardson

Congratulations Qanstruct and Dexus

SDC would like to congratulate Qanstruct and Dexus on the achievement of a 5 Star Green Star Industrial v1 Design rating for both the Kathmandu National Distribution Centre in Victoria and the Toshiba - Quarry at Greystanes project in NSW.

SDC was proud to be the Green Star Accredited Professional on both projects working with the design teams to achieve these great outcomes!

Keep your eyes out for the announcement that both these projects achieved the 5 Star Green Star Industrial v1 As Built rating - which we are sure will follow in the upcoming months now that both projects are nearing completion or just finished.

Lindsay Richardson

Congratulations Fulton Ln

SDC would like to officially congratulate the entire team on the Fulton Ln project for achieving a 4 Star Green Star Multi Unit Residential Design Rating! This fantastic achievement on this landmark project shows how we can design and build large scale apartment buildings that are not only visually and functionally amazing but also sustainable.

We would particularly like to congratulate Fender Katsilidis Architects, Hickory Group and of course SP Setia. Without these leading firms involved the project would never have achieved such fantastic outcomes.

It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of this project from concept design right through to handover, which is going to happen this year.

If you would like further information on the sustainability aspects of Fulton Ln, please feel free to contact me directly as I will be more than happy to discuss this landmark project and our part in its story.

Lindsay Richardson

Road Integrated Solar Photovoltaic

What if our roads were producing energy and what if we used that energy to help power our cars?

The amount of sunlight falling on the road surfaces everyday could be a still untapped source of large scale renewable energy. There is now over 800,000 kilometres of road across Australia that could be a possible source of renewable energy!

This is how in 2009, the SolaRoad project started in the Netherlands. The project is to develop roads with integrated solar photovoltaic cells. It consists of 2.5 x 3.5m concrete modules with a translucent top layer of tempered glass with silicon solar cells underneath.

Constitution of Panel

Early this month the SolaRoad project has inaugurated its first prototype close to Amsterdam; a 70-meter stretch of bike path. With so much potential for energy generation, we can only hope that the results will be promising and the technology uptake widespread!

View Bike pathClose up Comparison

For more information on this project visit:

For information on a similar project in the US using a different approach and technology visit:


Green Star Design and As Built

Finally the new Green Star Design & As Built Rating tool has been released by the GBCA.

This tool can be used to rate the design and as built performance of any building type, moving away from the previously restrictive nature of the old tools that were type specific (eg Office). Now the tools can be used for mixed use buildings, hotels or any other building type (except single houses).

This is likely to be a big step forward for the Green Building Council of Australia in gaining greater acceptance across all number of building industries. The tool is also spruiked as reducing the overall cost of a submission by removing much of the red tape and documentation requirements that go along with it.

I urge you all to explore the new tool by visiting the GBCA website.

If you would like to talk to SDC about how we can help with your Green Star rating applications, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Lindsay Richardson


Solar PV Installation at the SDC Office

This month Sustainable Development Consultants installed 8kW of solar PV panels on the roof of our office in Camberwell. The solar array installed consists of 32 highly efficient 250W Panels from Phono®Solar connected to an 8kW SolarMax® inverter.


Sustainable Development Consultants, being a sustainable practice, installed the solar electricity system to ensure that we “practice what we preach” and keep our own business in line with our usual ESD recommendations.

This new solar system will create substantial financial savings and offset some of the office’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Based on the emission factor for Victoria[1] , our office is predicted to offset 11.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year!

Based on our current electricity price of 22 cents per kWh and an average daily output of 3.4hrs per day across the whole year, the savings are estimated at around $2,200 per year. So the whole system will pay for itself in less than 5 years.

The whole system was installed very quickly by The Green Power Company in less than 2 days. With the final approvals by the authority and energy retailer taking a couple of weeks. As of Friday 10th October, we are gaining the benefits of this system and look forward to gaining those benefits for years to come.

We hope that by showcasing the advantages and ease of installation of a solar system on an office, SDC will help other businesses and clients to consider solar as a viable solution and follow the same path.

Lindsay and Denis

To contact the solar installer on the project please see the following website



Victorian Engineering Excellence Awards

SDC would like to congratulate the entire Coles Hallam Design and Construction team, which SDC was very proud to be a part of, for winning a Highly Commended Award at the Victorian Engineering Excellence Awards.


The night was fantastic, held at Hamer Hall on Tuesday Night, with wonderful entertainment and a great chance to meet all the other contestants and award winners.

Once again, Congratulations Coles and the team for a well deserved award to recognise The Supermarket of the Future!




eTool Explained

This is just a really quick post to let everyone know of a great little video that explains eTool and Life Cycle Analysis.

Check it out!


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